Listed below is a brief description of each Mug Shot Mug.

Name (Last, First) [State where arrest took place. Year arrested. Charge or conviction.]

Allen, Tim [Michigan. 1978. Attempted to sell cocaine to undercover police officer.]
Andre The Giant [Iowa. 1989. Assault.]
Billie Joe Armstrong [California. 2003. Drunk driving.]
Austin, Steve (Stone Cold) [Texas. 2002. Assault.]
Benjamin, André (André 3000) [Georgia. 2009. Excessive speeding.]

Blagojevich, Rod [Illinois. 2008. Federal Corruption.]
Bowie, David [New York. 1976. Possession of marijuana.]
Broadus, Calvin (Snoop Dogg) [California. 2006. Possession of a dangerous weapon.]
Brown, James [South Carolina. 2004. Domestic violence.]
Bruce, Lenny [Chicago. 1962. Obscenity.]
Carlin, George [Wisconsin. 1972. Public indecency.]
Cash, Johnny [Texas. 1965. Possession of amphetamines and tranquilizers.]
Cassidy, Butch [Wyoming. 1894. Horse theft.]
Castro, Fidel [Unknown.]

Clinton, George [Florida. 2003. Possession of cocaine and drug paraphernalia.]
Cobain, Kurt [Washington. 1986. Graffiti.]
Combs, Sean (Puff-Daddy) [New York. 1999. Possession of a firearm following a shooting.]
Crosby, David [Texas. 1982. Drug and gun possession.]
Culkin, Macaulay [Oklahoma. 2004. Possession of marijuana.]

Dick, Andy [California. 2008. Public intoxication.]
Dillenger, John [Indiana. 1934. Bank Robbery.]
Fairey, Shepard [Federal. 2012. Criminal Contempt]
Fonda, Jane [Ohio. 1970. Assaulting an officer]
Gates, Bill [New Mexico. 1977. Traffic violation.]
Harding, Tonya [Washington. 2000. Domestic violence.]
Harrelson, Woody [Ohio. 1982. Disturbing the peace.]

Hearst, Patty [California. 1975. Bank Robbery.]
Hendrix, Jimi [Toronto, Canada. 1969. Possession of heroin and hashish.]
Hilton, Paris [California. 2007. Drunk driving.]
Holiday, Billie [West Virginia. 1947. Drug conviction.]
Jackson, Michael [California. 2003. Child molestation.]

Jones, Kimberly (Lil’ Kim) [New Jersey. 1996. Possession of marijuana.]
Jones, Russell (Ol' Dirty Bastard) [California. 2001. Arrested for making terrorist threats.]
Joplin, Janis [Florida. 1969. Disorderly conduct.]
King, Don [Ohio. 1958. Manslaughter.]
King, Larry [Florida. 1971. Grand larceny.]

King Jr., Martin Luther [Alabama. 1956. Montgomery bus boycott.]
Limbaugh, Rush [Florida. 2006. Doctor shopping.]
Madoff, Bernard [Federal. 2009. 11 felony counts -orchestrated Ponzi-scheme.]
Malcolm X [Unknown.]
Manson, Charles [California. 2006.]
Mathers, Marshall (Eminem) [Michigan. 2000. Carrying a concealed weapon and assault.]

McQueen, Steve [Alaska. 1972. Drunk driving.]
Nelson, 'Baby Face' George [Chicago. 1931. Bank robbery.]
Morrison, Jim [Florida. 1970. Indecent exposure and profanity.]
Nolte, Nick [California. 2002. Drunk driving.]
Osbourne, John (Ozzy) [Tennessee. 1984. Public intoxication.]
Page, Bettie [California. c.1980. Stabbing.]
Rawls, Lou [New Mexico. 2003. Assault.]

Reeves, Keanu [California. 1993. Drunk driving.]
Ritchie, Simon (Sid Vicious) [New York. 1978. Murder of Nancy Spungen.]
Rosenberg, Ethel [Federal. 1951. Convicted for providing information to the Soviet Union.]
Rosenberg, Julius [Federal. 1951. Convicted for providing information to the Soviet Union.]
Rubens, Paul (Peewee Herman) [Florida. 1991. Indecent exposure.]
Shakur, Tupac [New York. 1994. Felony sex abuse charge.]

Simpson, O.J. [California. 1994. Murder of Nicole Brown Simspon and Ron Goldman.]
Sinatra, Frank [New Jersey. 1938. Carrying on with a married woman (adultery).]
Smith, Anna Nicole [Texas. 1989. Drunk driving.]
Snooki, Nicole Polizzi [New Jersey. 2010. Disorderly Conduct.]
Somers, Suzanne [California. 1970. Passing bad checks.]
Sundance Kid [Wyoming. 1887. Horse theft.]

Torn, Rip [New York. 2006. Drunk driving.]
Van Winkle, Robert (Vanilla Ice) [Florida. 2001. Disorderly conduct.]
Wahlberg, Donnie [Kentucky. 1991. Arson.]
Warner, Brian (Marilyn Manson) [Detroit. 2001. Criminal sexual conduct.]
Williams, Hank Jr. [Tennessee. 2006. Assault.]

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