Facts And Questions

This page provides answers to frequently asked questions. Please check here for information about our studio. Submit questions to us via email: contact@aaclay.com

Q: What is Open Studio?
A: Open Studio Hours are a regular time when the studio is open for use by members, students, private lessons, and group events. The public can become a member after attending a class or several lessons depending on experience.

Q: Do you have a waiting list for the 6-week wheel throwing or hand-building classes that are sold out?
A: Yes, we can add you to a wait-list for any class. Please contact us via email to request.

Q: How do I schedule a Group Event?
A: Email or call us and we can provide some possible dates for your visit. We schedule groups on Saturday mornings 12:00 - 1:30 pm. If you have another day in mind let us know and we can see if it is available!

Q: Will you contact me when my pottery is ready to pick-up?
A: We contact customers for most services as a courtesy. However, you are responsible for picking up your artwork within 3-months of your visit or it may be removed from the studio.

Q: If a student knows in advance that they will have to miss one of the classes can they make it up?
A: Yes, a student can “make up” a class by coming to the studio during open hours to practice outside of the normal class meeting time.

Q: Do you offer walk-in services for new customers?
A: No, you must schedule a lesson or sign-up for a class to gain access to the studio. Please feel free to visit the studio during open hours if you are interested in membership.

Q: What is your refund policy?
A:  Your deposit is non-refundable. If a student cancels up 7 days before the class begins, AA Clay Studio offers a full refund less the $50 deposit fee. No refunds are issued to cancellations within 7 days of the first day of the scheduled class/workshop.

Q: How does membership work?
A: We have three different options for membership: Open Studio, 24/7, and Resident. Members must have some experience working in a ceramics studio and be age 18 or older. If you don't have any experience we suggest you take a class or lesson at the studio. Members provide a credit-card on file to be charged monthly fee. Members are responsible for material and kiln-firing fees in addition to membership fee. Open Studio provides access to the studio during open hours. 24/7 and Resident membership provides full access. Please contact us for current prices.

Q: How do I re-schedule a Date Night that I have already registered for?
A: Due to the popularity of our Date Night events we are unable to reschedule for you. If you need to cancel up to one week ahead of your registration date, we will refund your payment. Refunds will not be provided if canceled within one week of your event date.

Q: Do you offer youth/kids classes?
A: Not currently, we suggest that you schedule a One-Hour Lesson for anyone looking to take a class but is under the age of 16.

Q: Do you offer kiln-firing services to the public?
A: Yes, we can fire items so long as you are using clay from our studio, or you can provide a box/literature that confirms the type of clay or glazes you have used. We kiln fire up to ∆6 electric oxidation. Prices are based on the size of your artwork and the type of firing.

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