"Double A Quality" Since 2013.

AA Clay Ceramics Studio is a shared working space with modern clay equipment. Our goal is to promote excellence in the field of ceramics by providing the necessary learning tools and equipment for personal development.
Since 2013
The studio was established by ceramic artist Alex Adams in 2013, it is staffed by Alex and other skilled craftspeople.
Mission Statement
Inspire excellence in the field of ceramics to members of our local communities.
The studio is an access point for emerging and practicing clay artists. We provide instruction on pottery Wheel Throwing and Hand Building with clay.
Studio membership provides access to studio equipment and discounted fees. All members must have experience working in a ceramics studio and be age 18 or older.

Why Choose AA Clay Studio?

• Local ceramics community in Louisville, KY and the surrounding area.
• We support each other by networking, advising, and encouraging.
• Dedicated artist support provided by studio director and staff.
• Quality experience through the practice of effective clay technique.
• Course classes follow a syllabus that allow students to learn core techniques in sequence.
• Open Studio hours allow students and local artists access for independent study.
• Workshops and Lessons-By-Appointment are an effective way to learn while enjoying the community at AA Clay Studio.

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