AA Clay Studio Use Agreement

AA Clay Studio is a shared working space for ceramics artists and students.
Members are expected to keep dust agitation to a minimum. Sand bone-dry pots outside!

Open Studio: members have access during Open Studio Hours.
24/7: members are provided with a key-code to the studio for full 24 hr. access.
Resident: members are provided with a key-code to the studio for full 24 hr. access and additional storage space.

Everyone using the studio must cooperate in following the procedures and rules outlined in this guide.
Please keep the studio clean. Each member must clean equipment after each use.

• All members must be 18 years of age or older and have experience working in a shared studio space.
• Smoking in the studio is not allowed.
• Children must be accompanied by an adult at all times.
• There are about 4 parking spaces at the back of the studio. These are available to you on a first come first serve basis. You may also park along Iowa Ave. Enter the studio through the side door using your key-code or ring door-bell.
• Visitors or guests must pay the hourly rate. You are responsible for their behavior and their adherence to the studio rules. Guests may not be in the studio without you.
• Every member is responsible for his or her own property and art work. 
• Anything left in the general studio space is susceptible to damage. Please keep your work inside designated shelf space while not working on it.
• Use personal canvas if using a clay body other than the studio body.
• RED CLAY must be contained to personal canvas or (DARK) canvas only.
• WHITE CLAY (Light) canvas is reserved for white or Porcelain clay only.
• Clay dust must be cleaned up with wet rags or mops whenever possible.
• Members are expected to keep dust agitation to a minimum. Do not sand your pottery inside the studio!

– Label your personal tools with permanent marker.
– Only tools marked “studio” are available for everyone’s use.
– Do not leave tools or equipment in the sink area.
– It is your responsibility to cover (with plastic) and watch the dry-time of your own work.

If you do not feel comfortable using any of the equipment ask studio staff for help.
If equipment is not used properly it can be difficult or expensive to fix.
• If any equipment is jammed or broken please notify studio staff immediately.
• Kilns are to be operated by studio staff only.

1. Please keep loud noise and cell phone conversations outside the studio.
2. Please keep the break room clean. Do not leave food forgotten / put food scraps in the trash NOT THE SINK.
3. Turn off all faucets and lights when not in use.
4. Resident Members and Staff: help conserve energy by turning off HVAC system when you are last to leave.
The key-code you are given is for you only. Do not share the key-code with anyone, doing so will result in loss of privileges.

Membership Rules & Responsibilities

1. Studio fees are due before the 5thday of each month. Failure to pay will result in the forfeiture of your personal space. You must provide a credit card on file.
2. Every member is expected to sign-in and out of the studio at the side-door entrance. Provide (15+ minutes) at the end of your working time to clean up your area.
3. Clay dust is hazardous. *Do not sand bone-dry clay or glaze inside studio, go outside. TIP: use a wet sponge to smooth your clay in the leather-hard stage. Avoid creating dust while cleaning by using wet sponges or wet mop.
4. Provide your own towel for personal use. Take your towel home to clean.
5. Respect the space of others. There are many fragile items around the studio.
6. Be kind to the studio equipment. You are responsible for broken or damaged equipment. Ask for help if you don’t know how to operate something.
7. Buckets located under (Bailey pottery wheels) must be emptied and returned. Put bucket remnants in trash-can after pouring off liquid, return bucket underneath wheel.
8. Large yellow sponges (located above sink) are used to clean table + wheel surfaces. Yellow mop and bucket are provided for floor clean-up. Please use “wet-floor” signs.
9. Eat food in the lounge space. If eating in the studio wipe surfaces including floor.
10. The studio will close 30-minutes before posted closing time if no one is at the studio.
11. Ask questions if you don’t understand any of these rules or studio equipment.

Pottery Wheels

The studio has (11) professional electric potter’s wheels.
• You are expected to clean wheel thoroughly after each use. 
• Recycle your clay in your shelf space or throw it out. DO NOT PUT IN SINK.
• Remove bat-pins in wheel head if you install them. Turn OFF wheel when finished.
• Sponge the floor around wheel to leave the space clean for the next person.


Six (6) studio glazes are available for general use.
These glazes are meant to be used in small batches. Otherwise, you must purchase your own pre-mixed glazes.

Glazing In The Studio

Experience required if working in the glaze area.

• Proper use of glaze is important to prevent the contamination of wet glazes and/or dry materials.
• Glazes must be applied by brushing or dipping.
• Spraying, air brushing, and dusting is not permitted inside.
• Clean up glaze area when finished. Wash and return tools.
• Wash table tops. Mop the floor if necessary.

• Check your pottery to make sure glazes are wiped off the bottom and ready for kiln.
There is a minimum $ 25.00 fee if your glaze touches kiln shelves- fee goes up depending on severity of kiln damage.
• Studio ware shelves are not storage space. Please pick up your pieces as they finish.
• Studio glazes may occasionally be discontinued. Please be aware that this could affect results from one project to the next.  *Please inform studio staff if a studio glaze bucket is empty or low.


The kiln’s become very hot. Do not touch while in operation. Never place objects on top or around the kilns. All kiln usage is monitored and fired under the supervision of studio staff only.

A chart (calendar) is available for kiln sign-up. Kiln usage is sold by the kiln load. 
Fill the whole kiln, or split the space and cost, with someone else in the studio. Or pay by the piece.
When you sign up for a kiln remember: time to load + fire time + cool time = about  3 days, so this is how kiln usage is broken into blocks. Please plan accordingly. You should have your entire kiln load prepared before signing up.
• Kiln temperatures do not exceed Cone 6 (2232˚F).
• We do not fire unknown clay bodies in our kilns.

Safety & Security

Garage doors are to be closed and locked by Resident Member Or Studio Staff.
Side door locks automatically. LOCK DEADBOLT
Until further notice the front door is to be kept locked at all times.
All exits can be used in the event of a fire.
Please enter studio through side door. Use door-bell for entrance.

Do not leave valuables in the studio. Alex Adams and AA Clay Studio are not responsible for your personal property.

In the event of a fire, please leave the building immediately through the nearest available exit and report to studio staff. Familiarize yourself with the location of the fire distinguisher and First-Aid kit.

• All accidents, no matter how minor, should be reported immediately to the studio staff.
• All chemicals must be labeled with the name of the substance.
• Always use protective gear while mixing dry materials.
• Shoes must be worn in and around the studio (no open-toe shoes). 

Abusive or violent behavior will not be tolerated. AA Clay Studio reserves the right to cancel the participation of any individual in any program, including all members, who are considered to be a danger or exhibits unacceptable behavior.

Agreement Form

You will be asked to provide a credit card on-file.
Please provide your Driver’s License or State I.D. for our records.

As a member, you may purchase clay and kiln usage on credit to your monthly bill. This bill must be paid in full each month (check or credit card) or all future payments must be made in cash. As a member you share responsibility for the welfare of studio space, equipment, and everyone around you.  Be careful while working in the studio and have fun!

I________________________________________agree to the stated practices of AA Clay Studio in this agreement. To cooperate in maintaining the studio and following the procedures outlined in this guide.

Signature________________________________________    Date_______________

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