Studio Equipment

• 10 Electric Pottery Wheels
• Clay Extruder
• 30 Inch Slab Roller
• Large Worktables and Stools
• Three Electric Kilns
• Ware-Racks and Boards
• Two Large Sinks
• Studio Glazes
• Glaze Spray Booth
• Reference Books and Magazines
• Break Room


Don't have experience working in a community clay studio? No worries! We offer multiple pathways to membership. Sign up for several 1-hour Lessons-By-Appointment or a 6-week Class and begin your ceramic journey under the guidance of our expert instructors. Once you're comfortable and confident, we'll guide you through the membership process.

Interested in Access By-The Hour? You must have taken a class or series of lessons with us or have strong experience working in a community clay studio and be age 18 or older. Please call or email and let us know you would like to stop by for open studio time.

Interested in Open Studio Membership?
Email us to express your interest, and we'll invite you to visit during open hours to fill out the paperwork. Remember, memberships are non-prorated, so plan accordingly. Learn more about membership:

Ceramics Studio

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