Sculpture / Hand Building

Skill Level: Beginner - Intermediate
No experience needed. Beginners Welcome!
Clay, kiln-firing, and use of tools are included in the course fee.

Six Week Course Outline
This wheel throwing class will introduce beginners to the basic skills used at the pottery wheel. Classes will begin with a demonstration followed by hands on instruction. At the end of the course students will be able to create simple forms at the wheel. Continuing students will be challenged by instructor to work on techniques designed to advance their abilities.

1. Slab and coil construction. Demonstration: wedging, slab rolling, press-molding, coil rolling, clay combining techniques. We will make organic and geometric forms using templates and molds.

2. Clay building. Slab and coil construction. Demonstration: construction of various three-dimensional forms, such as cylinders, spheres, ovals, boxes. Class continues making 3-D forms.

3. Combining forms and adding surface texture. Demonstrations: adhering one form to another and methods for surface treatment. Discussion: ceramic sculpture possibilities.

4. Final construction of forms. These can be simply sculptural or functional, such as vases and containers. Sharing of imaginative techniques among participants continues.

5. Glaze application methods. Demonstration: brushing and dipping techniques. We will apply stains and glazes to fired pieces from previous classes.

6. Wrap-up discussion. Completion of works in progress.

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