Wheel Throwing II

Skill Level: Intermediate - Advanced
Some Experience Needed: ability to center clay at wheel.

Wheel Throwing Classes

Six Week Course Outline: Wheel II
This wheel throwing class will provide students with project-based learning. We will focus on making a mug with handle and a lidded jar. As we work towards these goals we will be learning advanced throwing techniques. Classes will begin with a demonstration followed by hands on instruction. Kiln firing of up to six (6) items included in course fee.

1: Throw a cylinder at the wheel for handle attachment next week. Demo: centering clay on the wheel, how to pull up a cylinder shape for a mug. Students will begin throwing at the first meeting. Studio clean up info will be shared as well.

2: Trim cylinders and add handles to previous work. Demo: how to trim your pottery, how to pull handles by hand.

3: Lidded jars - two parts. Demo: how to throw a jar with fitted lid (using calipers).

4: Trim and adjust lids for jars, throw knob handle at the wheel. Demo: trim jars/lids and throw knob handle at the wheel.

5: Glazing In The Studio Demo: waxing and wiping, mixing and dipping glazes. Discussion of glaze and application. Students will glaze their bisque ware.

6: Wrap Up Day We will discuss our glaze fired pottery and celebrate with potluck style refreshments! Free day to finish up any unfinished projects. Please plan to return to pick-up finished items asap.

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